Jun Amaki (天木 じゅん Amaki Jun, born 16 October 1995, in Itami, Hyōgo)is a Japanese gravure idol. She is nicknamed Jun-chan (じゅんちゃん).

Amaki is represented with Watanabe Entertainment. She was formerly affiliated with Alice Project,and a former member of Kamen Joshi and Armor Girls.Amaki’s sister is Kamen Rider Girls’ Ayako Kuroda.

Jun Amaki, the gravure idol with the “2-dimensional body” (because she looks like an anime/manga/game character), is hard to miss. Her baby face and small body combined with her I-cup breasts have made her one of the most popular young stars to come out of Japan in recent years.

Measurements: 95(B) 57(W) 83(H)










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